Code of Ethics

This document summarizes what the values that I uphold for myself and what I look for in an organization. As I soon enter the workforce and search for employment, I will hold high priority on an organization upholding these values and beliefs in their actions and relations.  I have chosen 5 ethical standards that I expect be implemented in the organization that I become employed with.

Honesty: telling the truth in all situations

  • The organization is always honest with employees and clients even if it is a difficult situation.
  • The organization does not withhold important information from those who could be affected by it.

Law-Abiding: operating under the law

  • The organization always complies with the law and inspires others to do so.
  • The employees are respected individuals with little to no criminal history.
  • The organization has a good reputation for standing for the law.

Optimistic: keeping a positive outlook

  • The organization radiates positive energy and pushes employees to not give up and that there can be a positive outcome in any situation.
  • The organization has a welcoming atmosphere that inspires others to be more productive and energetic.

Community Service: caring for the community

  • The organization holds emphasis on caring for others in the community and beyond.
  • The organization and employees engage in community service activities to show their compassion for charities and society.

Leadership: the power to lead others

  • The organization has the skills and prestige to lead others as a positive role model.
  • The organization uses its reputation to enlighten others and guide them into better situations.

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