The Importance of a Public Relations Class


Image via Ann Davis 773

I decided to take Intro to Public Relations because I tend to be a really shy person and I know that when I graduate in only a few weeks I’ll need to be able to put myself out there and be able to market myself. I didn’t know what to expect from a Public Relations course but I can tell you that what I have learned is nothing like what I thought. I have learned much more in this course than I have in most of the classes I have taken here at Indiana State University. I feel more prepared for my future and I feel confident in communicating through many different social media’s. Before I began this class I didn’t have a LinkedIn profile and I honestly didn’t think it was all that important. Since then I have connected with so many people and have created a professional image for myself which will be extremely beneficial when I begin working full time as a Realtor.

Not only have I benefited with social media, but I have gained leadership skills. With the Public Relations Campaign group project I have had to step out of my comfort zone and call and email people that I don’t know. My generation has learned to hide behind text messaging and talking to people in person has become very difficult. I feel that I have stepped up professionally because I am trying to support an important non profit that can benefit from what my group can do. I’ve realized that this isn’t a project that can be taken lightly because those who support it take it very seriously.

I only regret not taking Intro to Public Relations earlier in college. If I had taken it last semester then I would have had the time to build up my social media presence even more but I am thankful to have learned as much as I have before I graduate. In college you generally take classes that teach you things that you are unsure of how you will apply it to your future. This course has prepared me for real life situations unlike any other class that I have taken. If you’re reading this and you are considering taking a course in Public Relations, I can promise you that although there may be a little more homework than some of your other courses, you will benefit from this class for quite some time!

You’re invited to ‘Su’s Anal Bum Party’


Photo Via Twitter

I doubt that you really want to attend Su’s Anal Bum Party, but you might actually be interested in Susan’s Album Party instead. Susan Boyle’s PR manager was probably disappointed in his choice to broadcast Susan’s album release after seeing the response to #susanalbumparty. Is was meant to be read as #SusanAlbumParty but as many of the twitter users saw it, they obviously began making jokes about the Anal Bum party. I admit that I laughed pretty hard when I found this on the internet. I hadn’t seen it at the time that the album was released but found it online later. After realizing the pornographic mistake that they had made, the hashtag was quickly changed to #SusanBoyleAlbumParty. The hashtag didn’t gain publicity for nearly a month. It wasn’t until some younger male tweeters saw the fail that it really started gaining publicity.

Some of my favorite Anal Bum party tweets:

Curious Badger @BadgerCurious 22 Nov  “I went to a #susanalbumparty once. I saw things. Terrible things.”

Obi ian Kenobi@obi_ian_kenobi 23 Nov “Spaces make a difference susanalbumparty – susan album party therapistfinder – therapist finder whoreviews – who reviews”

Tessa Coates@TessaCoates 21 Nov All I’m saying is that no one knew Susan Boyle had an album coming out and now we all know…#cynic #susanalbumparty”

The latter of the three suggests that maybe this was a publicity stunt for Susan Boyle. She does make a good point that no one had really known that she was about to release a new album, but after this twitter fail a lot more people knew. It’s still regarded as one of the best hashtag fails of all time and if you search hashtag fail it’s usually placed as the #1 fail. I think that the the PR professionals working for Susan knew what they were doing and created a lot of laughs and possibly a better selling album.