Chatting with Bloggers

Tonight I joined in on a twitter chat with the hashtag #blogchat started by Mack Collier which discussed how to create content for a niche audience. Some of the questions that he started off with were “How do you create content for a niche audience & how is that content diff from a wider audience? Special considerations?” and “If you are creating content for a niche audience, do you simply need to have a better understanding of that niche? More?” Most of the tweeters participating were bloggers and before the chat began they posted links to their blogs. So the first advantage I can see about Twitter Chats is that you are able to publicize your blogs or other social media to all of those participating.

I started off the chat with a simple introduction of myself and letting them know that this is my first twitter chat. I was welcomed and immediately gained a follower and one of the tweeters tagged me in a tweet recommending for others to follow me. I was surprised that people were so welcoming of someone they don’t know and were willing to give me publicity.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect so I sat back for a few minutes and watched the chat begin. I realized that almost all of the people in the chat were bloggers and were quite experienced. They had some great advice on how to get the right people to your blog page. One good recommendation that I saw was “broad categories, specific tags” – @patricksplace.

After this Public Relations class I will continue on with blogging about Real Estate in Indianapolis. So what I would like to know more about is just how to build my niche and follower base¬† as well.¬† I hope that anyone who’s reading this is inspired to go and join in on a twitter chat. They are really informative and can help you gain followers as well! I definitely recommend the #blogchat that I did tonight. They do twitter chats every Sunday at 9pm!


Photo Via MKHMarketing

3 thoughts on “Chatting with Bloggers

  1. Megan, it seems your twitter chat went very well! I think I will have to do one just to experience it. Hopefully I will gain some new followers; although learning new ideas about blogging will be a plus too!

  2. I think this idea of a twitter chat is really cool. One of the reasons Twitter has so much potential is when people utilize it for reasons like this. When most people think of twitter it’s a lot like Facebook. Whining and crying over drama when it could be utilized for networking opportunities such as this.

  3. I think that the whole twitter chat idea is a great way to quickly learn and communicate with professionals in your field. With twitters hashtags and handles you can easily follow a conversations. I’m glad to see that your first twitter chat was a good experience that was fun and educational.

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