Sycamore Homecoming!

Ahh, it’s that time of year again…the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler air, and football. At Indiana State University, we dedicate an entire week to Homecoming and the great All-American game. Of course there are more events than just football, there’s something that everyone looks forward to. For me,  that thing has always been watching my sorority sisters and our pairing compete in Sycamore Sync. This years events include: Sync, Torchlight Parade and Pep Rally, Tug-o-War, the Trike Derby, Parade, and the Walk just to name a few. Click here  to see the full schedule for this week.

One thing that disappoints me about Homecoming week is that many students won’t participate in these activities because they see them as only Greek events. In recent years there have been a lot more student organizations come forward to participate in Trike and Sync which has been great. It’s nice to see more students getting involved and I hope to see more student activity this year. We are all students at this great university and showing school spirit and participating in one of the greatest weeks of the school year will be a memory that can be cherished for life. That is unless you participate in The Walk…because I doubt you’ll remember much of that.

I won’t be able to attend any of the homecoming events this year which has been very depressing for me especially since it’s my last semester at Indiana State. I will be working 3 nights, in night class for another, and then in Indianapolis the other 2 nights taking my final tests to become a licensed Real Estate Agent. For those who haven’t yet been involved in Homecoming, I hope that you can take the time to enjoy a few of the events and at least attend the football game on Saturday against Youngstown State at 3:05pm!

Go Sycamores!


Alpha Phi’s last year cheering on the Trike Race.

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